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With reading, as with everything else, variety is the spice of life, and there’s a lot to be said for randomness in reading sampling a lot of voices, rather sporadically, as if hopping between guests at a cocktail party. That’s how I read in most years, and the pleasure it’s brought me has been undeniable. And there’s the promise of intimacy, too the kind of closeness that develops, like any friendship, according to the number of hours one is willing to invest in it..

A: It’s gonna be a season that we’re gonna have to do a lot of thinking outside the box. We’re gonna have to do things that we’ve never done before. Here’s an idea maybe, because the stands are gonna be empty, we’re gonna be talking from the booth, people are gonna be able to hear us better on the field, umpires or whatever.

Everyone would know that attempts to obligate the sovereign are attempts to weaken the sovereign, to subject the sovereign to the sway, not of “the people” in general, but of some very specific people with a very pressing desire for power, if not necessarily a clear idea of how to use it. All clamoring for “rights,” “freedoms,” a “voice,” etc., would lead everyone to look around and discover who is most ready to use and benefit from those rights and freedoms. And to shut their ears to any remonstrance coming from that corner..

There are also new dates for the final two tournaments of the year. The Nedbank Golf Challenge hosted by Gary Player is now scheduled for December 3 6 at Gary Player Country Club in Sun City, with the season ending DP World Tour Championship, Dubai, now December 10 13 at Jumeirah Golf Estates, where the 2020 Race to Dubai Champion will be crowned. Of the Tour 30 events, only the Alfred Dunhill Links remains in its original time slot..

Instead, she chose a special item from her home for each of her family members: an old butter churn, an antique clock, a handmade quilt, a piece of framed embroidery or a painting. She wrote a short history of the item and included it with the gift. Her family was delighted, and I thought it was a wonderful way to be sure that special items went to the intended recipient..

Dominating Murrieta Heights in the south east corner of the map is a massive, interconnecting series of freeways. In the midst of these freeways, near the bottom, is a concrete sewer works usually staffed by workers. Climb down to the drainage streams near the bottom and you’ll find the parts sitting on one of the partitions..