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Article content continuedWith these proposed cuts, the Alberta government presumes, without evidence, that Albertans will be good stewards when Alberta Parks status is removed. Many Albertans are good stewards, but some, we must agree, are not. Evidence of inappropriate recreational use is found throughout Alberta’s public lands, including waist deep muddy ruts, trees cut for firewood, and abandoned, sometimes smoldering fire pits filled with beer cans and garbage..

Released along with the latest Ultegra groupset are the RS700 and RS770 (disc brake version) hoops. At 31mm in depth, like the Dura Ace version they are available in both rim and disc varieties. However, the rim brake version is a carbon laminate construction with an alloy brake track, and the disc is full carbon because there is no brake track..

The market area should indeed be cleaned up, and while the city is at it, that should include relocating all of the Missions in the area so the beggars and panhandlers stop intimidating tourists (and the locals!). Why not relocate all of them to rural Ottawa, perhaps Vars, Carp or the like? It would really go a long way into making downtown Ottawa a truly more inviting place to spend some money. Carpenter is right on and you are wrong (Breathalyzer in cars, Letters, June 1).

The stats support the angry Toronto mob: There were 73 foul calls against the Raptors through the first three games of the series; only 46 were called on the Cavaliers. Those numbers caused Dwane Casey to go on a rare public rant about the officiating, and it cost him a $25,000 fine. The on court officials apparently didn’t get the message, because Cleveland wasn’t called for a foul until three minutes into the second quarter of Game 4, and Toronto wasn’t awarded a free throw until midway through the third..

Hide the treat or toy behind you back and surprise him every time with a different treat/toy. Throw a party; fun things happen when your dog comes to you! And remember: unlike other commands, the come command must be rewarded EVERY time in some way. You want the behavior of coming to you to become a sort of involuntary reflex, a response taking place without much thinking..

Meanwhile, LaGrange said Wednesday night in the legislature the ministry will decide on a plan for K 12 re entry and inform parents by Aug. 1 the latest. Of crime bill introducedAlso Thursday, the UCP government also introduced Bill 16, the to the scope of a fund that provides support to victims through agencies and volunteers..