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In my teen years I continued to write diaries, in the plural sense, as I liked to leave fake ones around in case my mother got too curious about my life, which at one point she did. The theory of probability won out with this one as she picked up one of the many forgeries rather than the one real one. Of course some of you diary fakers might be into the hobby a little more hardcore.

In the age of the coronavirus, with most of us locked away in our homes, we turn to numbers to get a sense of what the hell is happening in this country. Number of diagnosed cases of the novel coronavirus: 555,371, though experts believe the real number is far higher due to under testing. Number of deaths: 22,056, though experts believe the real number is far higher because of people who die at home or have their deaths misclassified.

Q5W is Cowon attempt at cram aboard every possible feature a PMP user might want. Let us have a look what this PMP has to offer.The Q5W is large, much bigger, and heavy than most of the traditional PMPs. It is solidly built and the dark navy body goes well with the silver grey bezel that runs around all four sides.Q5W has intimidating looks.

Defamation or the act of stating hurtful information or lies with the intention of hurting someone reputation is illegal in many countries, so you should know that technically the law is on your side. That doesn mean that you should call in your lawyers at a moment notice. In fact, chances are that a lawyer probably isn going to be able to help you.

A very frustrating team to play, Lee said. Don go out there feeling like they a better team than us. When you play the Lakers you look at their size and say it going to be a tough game. By creating the expenses system they did, which is only now becoming transparent, they insulated themselves from the problems faced by ordinary people. British MPs expenses, unlike those of the rest of the population, are not taxable. (The pensions of MPs are provided at the taxpayers’ expense with inflation proofing, of course.).

“Winning it all is the best feeling in the world,” Bonino said Sunday. “When you’ve spent an entire season with a team, gotten close, you want to win so badly with them. As good a year as we’ve had, if you don’t win the Cup, it’s not those same memories.

Jaekelopterus was a later species emerging during the Devonian Period around 390mya, reaching over two meters (8 feet) or more in length. Try to imagine a scorpion about the size of a kayak! Their arch enemies, the cephalopod nautiloids, declined in size during the Devonian time slot from their Ordovicain predecessors. Now the tables were turned and eurypterids like Jaekelopterus could gain the upper hand using their powerful claws to clamp down and crush the linear shells of nautiloids..