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OTTAWA The federal government is expanding a loan program for small and medium sized businesses suffering from the COVID 19 pandemic and working on a new support for companies having trouble paying rent.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the expanded loan program during his daily news conference on Thursday, saying the government had heard concerns from some businesses and entrepreneurs in need that the previous criteria excluded them.The Canadian Emergency Business Account will now provide up to $40,000 in government guaranteed loans to businesses that had payrolls last year between $20,000 and $1.5 million. It previously offered loans to business with a narrower range of payrolls, between $50,000 and $1 million.Some RBC business clients say they being shut out of CEBA application processHere how many small businesses are being left behind by emergency government benefitsHow to apply for the government $25 billion CEBA business loan programone should feel as if they alone in this fight, Trudeau said. Government is here to help you through these challenging times.

At the height of the holiday season retail sales slumped, the real estate market shriveled. Anybody trying to sell anything was hurt,” recalls Joseph S. Seward, general manager of Martin’s, a downtown department store.. Ancient mariners, and even sailors today all must learn all 360 compass points. It is vital to not getting lost at sea. (There are other computations involved there, as well, but far beyond the scope of this article.) They must learn how to do what is called “boxing the compass,” which means being able to recite off every single major point in order.

After the First World War began, Frances Chatton Stephens joined Canada’s first contingent of soldiers and set sail for England. His wife, Hazel, and daughter followed, leaving baby John behind in the care of his grandmother. Hazel first rented a house near the military base then, later, one closer to London.

“I wasn even saying anything to him,” Harkless said. “I just kept bumping him and touching him and stuff. And he was running his mouth. The city’s three ice companies were slow to start their cutting operations until they had more snow to haul the huge chunks of ice from the Penobscot River and the Kenduskeag Stream, said a story on Dec. 29, 1914, a few days after the river was closed to shipping traffic. Many men were waiting for jobs that would become available when the proper conditions occurred..

Go westward and you’ll find that the Wolds rise to an escarpment which then drops sharply to the Vale of York, Yorkshire’s county town. The highest point on the escarpment is 807 feet (246 m) above sea level. Travel north and you come upon the North York Moors, inhospitable in bad weather but a landscape to inspire.