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This past Saturday my buddies and I were playing and I hit a poor tee shot ending up well right of the green on a 190yd par 3. After they teed off I was frustrated and hit another one that I told them didn’t count since I knew my first one was up. Hit a perfect little cut and it landed a few feet in front and left of the hole and started rolling.

I always liked them cooked just enough to cook the white part but leave the yolk soft. Others like them cooked longer so that the yolk hardens. You pick! Then add salt and pepper to taste.. A law enforcement official in El Paso told me the Walmart shooter is in custody. Patrick Crusius of Dallas. Just turned 21 years old this week.

But at only 5.2% ABV, it won’t put an anchor in your belly. Take this one with you like a St. Bernard with a barrel on its collar.. The coronavirus has shut down major Hollywood productions and big festivals such as Coachella. Movie releases have been postponed. Broadway, other theaters, comedy clubs and many schools have shut down temporarily.

Workers have always been able to take the piss out of their bosses, with their colleagues, in their own time. For BP management spend so much time arguing otherwise reveals real arrogance. Video, put together by Mr Tracey and his wife, was seen by a group of eight people in a small chat group on social media, parodied senior management at BP..

Vance Smith on ‘The Voice’would be. I think throughout, I definitely was nervous. I don’t think the nerves died down. “I can come down and have a game, meet new people and I think it refreshes me more than takes it out of the tank.” MORE CANBERRA SPORT It no wonder he hasn found time to sign the two year deal the Green Machine put on the table. He form part of the Raiders playmaker stocks, along with recruit George Williams and star five eighth Jack Wighton Aidan Sezer looks set to join English Super League club Huddersfield on a three year deal. “I think it all pretty well sorted.

It not easy being stuck indoors for most of the day, which is why it important for anyone working from home to make time for their own self care. Whether you meditate for 20 minutes each morning and evening, end the day with a hot bubble bath or take regular breaks to watch the birds in the garden, anything you can do to make time for yourself will help you to get through this difficult time a whole lot easier. You should never feel guilty about looking after yourself, especially now, when everything has been turned upside down and the future is more uncertain than it has been in a long time..