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The now defunct television series The Preacher of LA was very telling. Of what currently goes on in many houses of worship. This program was basically about the life of five rich and famous ministers and showed off their vast wealth, expensive hones and impressive vehicles.

You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeAt 6ft 6in, nearly 20 stone and with dozens of titles to his name, Bruce Robb is one of the biggest and hardest looking strongmen in Scotland.The reigning Glenfiddich Heavy Games Champion can throw a huge stone more than 50 feet.He can launch a 25 kilo weight over his head like he was flipping a coin and is a master at tossing a 25ft caber.But it has just taken me five minutes to leave him doubled up on the ground in laughter.All it took was a clumsily dropped caber, a dangerously aimed hammer throw and a weight throw that could have been classed as a suicide attempt.Bruce was left speechless by the least convincing attempt to become a Highland hero since Mel Gibson accent in Braveheart.The champ agreed to give me a Heavy masterclass ahead of one of the biggest dates of the games calendar this weekend, when Glenfiddich sponsored series takes place in Dufftown, near the famous whisky brand distillery base in Speyside.Bruce, 32, from Oakley, Fife, is the holder of the Scots title and the current leader of this year table.The builder and fitness coach has been a Heavy competitor for 10 years. He will take part in up to 40 games a year, from the Highlands and islands to Europe and the US.Bruce invited me to his training fields in Dunfermline and I realised I was in for a tough afternoon when I struggled to lift the weights out of his car boot.We started out with the standing put. It like the modern shot put you throw a huge stone as far as you can but you have to stand in one spot.Bruce advised: “The key to this is throwing the stone with your whole body, so you get your heels and toes in line, hold the stone to your neck and lean back on your back leg, then push right through to get as much power into it as possible.”You are judged on distance, not height, so you don want to get it too high.

Those who feel this settlement will be a burden for the next several years, a burden we can as a church afford, I would say that this scandal is a burden we can no longer afford not to resolve. Bishop noted that this proposed settlement is not the end, the beginning of the end. Diocese still needs to reach a settlement with claimants who are not part of the group of 75 victims.