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The day range on Brent so far is US$27.93 to US$30.68. The range on West Texas Intermediate is US$24.73 to US$27.49. WTI had been up through most of the early part of the morning but dipped into the red just ahead of the opening bell. The leaves of the plant were stiff as cardboards and they could not be bent without me bruising them. There was no way I could get the little bugger into the bottle without a fight and the leaves were starting to fall off. Before I knew it, my beautiful butterwort plant was already falling apart in pieces..

Purposeful talking is the opposite of reactive or defensive talk. It also means to take the reins of emotions as you feel them, to disallow them to intensify and become reactive, impulsive, defensive. What does the word reactive or defensive mean to you? Stressful or aggressive action? It means to push against, pressure, shock.

The complex includes picturesque Presque Island Bay, where the island is a state park and wonderful for camping, fishing, visiting, and at times, viewing the Northern Lights. Presque Isle is one of my favorite places to visit. Driving in through the entrance onto the lush causeway, you can see the blue waters of the bay on both sides of the boulevard style roadway.

We recognize that the Company has had success in generating substantial free cash flow, which has created interest coverage of 4.8x. The last time Berry’s leverage was at a level similar to what it is today was in 2016, at which point interest coverage was 4.4x. This would suggest that the Company is in a better position today to handle its financial leverage than it was in 2016, yet the market valuation of the Company today is lower.

I finally saw people who were open and accepting and free to be themselves. [But then] I spoke with my friends from my old middle school and they were still facing the same kind of bullying. There was no understanding of what queer and trans identities were.

A pack of fairy people broke in on us and began to playfully run around the area, stealing hats, tickling children and handing out flowers. They drew all attention, and recited verses by Yates that captured the mood of the season and sparked the imagination. “It stopped feeling silly at that point,” my friend explained; “I thought at least it was going to be fun and got into the spirit of things.” The fairies whispered for us all to follow them, and giggling like children we hunched down and hurried after them, leaving behind the pop tents and camping gear and parked cars, snaking and sneaking our way through the winding path, through the trees, into the ‘magic grove’..