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My take: Disney has loads of desirable content available at a modest price (at least, right now). And while many Star Wars fans fell in love with Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian, much of ‘s appeal has come from its extensive, kid friendly library (including a gift for those with kids to entertain due to coronavirus induced school cancellations; the release of Frozen 2 for streaming three months early). Families and genre geeks have become an important core constituency for a service which says it has amassed more than 28 million subscribers by February 2020..

Big picture, big books. Who can tell what ruthless ravages time will bring, what acid erosion of memory, culture and civilization? Journalism and commentary have predictably made the COVID 180 degree turn: in newspapers and magazines, in the last couple of months, there has been precious little that unrelated to the pandemic. Several have set up coronavirus newsletters that are delivered to your inbox every morning.

Only use official Apple chargers. Apple has successfully marketed itself to a point where it has a monopoly on anything to do with Apple central products. Avoid car chargers and after market devices for your phone. The repercussions of all this quarantine mandates and businesses being forced is close is being felt now, but this is going to have a long lasting effect and it going to get worst economically for a while. It going to take a long time for the economy to recover as well even when it does start recovering. People cant spend money if they dont have it.

Charissa Thompson, Mike Hill, and Kristina Pink will rotate as studio hosts for the BIG3 during the 10 week season, setting the stage for viewers between games every Friday night. Thompson has worked prominently on a variety of FOX Sports programs and currently helms the network’s FOX NFLKICKOFF pregame show. With over 20 years of broadcast experience, Hill has held numerous roles, including host of MLB WHIPAROUND and INSIDE THE BIG EAST as well as during studio programming for college football, college basketball, and MLB games on FOX and FS1.

The Fed Main Street Lending is geared toward medium sized companies that are too large for the government small business lending program and too small to sell bonds or stock to the public. The deal, announced at parallel press conferences in Oslo and Copenhagen on Friday afternoon, showed Sweden has failed in its diplomatic efforts to be included in the first stage of a Nordic travel bubble. Under the deal, people from Denmark will from June 15 be allowed to enter Norway without needing to quarantine, while tourists from Norway will be able to enter Denmark, so long as they have booked accommodation for at least six days..