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The section 125, Materials Science at the Swiss Federal labs for materials testing and research addresses scientific questions and technological problems in surface science and technology, magnetism, nanoscience and technology.Our interest ranges from the study of atomic and molecular nanosystems by means of advanced scanning probe microscopy, the fabrication of hard coatings, coatings for medical applications, magnetic thin films and devices, magnetic shape memory alloys, to surface analysis services by TOF SIMS, XPS and scanning Auger.The section 125 is organized in five research groups and has a strong link to the NCCR on Nanoscale Science at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and SwissProbe AG. The five research groups profit from staff with a background in solid state physics, chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering and perform projects ranging from basic science to application oriented development including problem solving and analytical services for industry. For more detailed information follow the group links..

He was known for providing scavenger hunts for his children on holidays and birthdays. Aaron could always lighten up a room with his charismatic personality. During holiday gatherings he could easily dominate a game of Trivial Pursuit. Been awesome for us, getting those crucial wickets when we really need it. Does everything with the ball and chips in with the bat. Oakley showcased his talents as a lower order hitter with a dynamic cameo for the Comets, blasting 47 from just 26 balls as they chased quick runs in their match with Queensland at Allan Border Field.

The musician contributed to several of Kiss’ albums and worked with Stanley on his solo album in 1978.”We are heartbroken. Our deepest condolences to the Kulick family in this difficult time,” the band posted on Twitter.We are heartbroken. Our deepest condolences to the Kulick family in this difficult time.

The Tragedy Tragedy struck the family when Agnes died within six weeks of moving into their beloved summer home. Dorr Felt died a year and a half later in 1930; some say of a broken heart. The mansion was kept in the family for another 20 years until calculators trumped the revolutionary comptometer.

Teens tend to be very self critical to the point of being delusional, when they look in a mirror. They see their ears are too big or their mouths too wide/narrow or that tiny spot on their nose takes on the proportions of a gooseberry. Sadly that perfectly neat little figure often seems fat in comparison to the models they see in fashion magazines or on the net..