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How to choose the right frame for eye glasses:Therefore, depending on the look the lady wants to achieve when wearing her spectacles she can decide on the eye glass frame shape. If the wearer has big eyes and she wants to flaunt her eye colour and frame the eyes in a becoming manner, she should wear large frames, like the 80/s over sized eye glass frames, so that the view of her eyes are clear and the frames of the glasses frame her eyes keeping considerable distance. If she wants to minimize the presence of the frames as much as possible she can actually go for frame less eye glass or eye glasses which only has a border on the top.

In all three studies, sample sizes were small, and, as their methods/research questions differed, direct comparisons cannot be made. Recommendations were made on marketing occupational therapy services to GPs such as: maintaining regular contact with updates of new, relevant information; lunch time talks; seminars and/or lectures; and presentations/visits to occupational therapy departments for GP trainees (Chakravorty 1993, Greenhill 1994, Darch 1995). The length of time since these studies were completed and the different policy context suggests the need for new research in this area.More recently Canadian research, using a multiple case study design, found that understanding of the occupational therapists’ role was essential to support effective integration of the profession into primary care but also that physicians’ (GPs) had a lower level of this understanding than other disciplines (Donnelly et al 2013).

The GoBreath is another interesting project from Samsung’s C Lab with a focus on healthcare. A doctor at Samsung Medical Centre has developed an app that can walk lung patients through techniques of deep breathing in order to help them recover better. This project consists of a handheld device and a mobile app with which lung damage patients can learn deep breathing and also track their progress.

She had been injured over the past year and missed alot of action. We were lucky to see her only tournment play this year in Indian Wells. She is now back playing this past week in Poland and I sure will regain her form soon!. My daily “makeup routine” has consisted of precisely two products that also double as skin care: tinted lip balm and tinted sunscreen. I become fanatical about applying sunscreen even if I on my laptop all day because it can help protect from blue light, and now that it summer, sunscreen is essential. These 10 sunscreens should definitely be on your radar.