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We invite you to join us for an Artists and Captains Gam on Saturday, June 11 from 4 6 pm at Camden Falls Gallery to celebrate the opening of our June exhibition, the Waterline: Seven Weeks at the Shipyard, which features the work of , , and other . As a recently established, year round resident of Rockport, Carol felt drawn to Rockland working harbor and the men and women who keep the local windjammer fleet afloat. For seven weeks, she documented the annual historic ritual of hauling schooners from the water onto the at the North End Shipyard and outfitting each vessel for the new season, much like an aging actor being up for yet another arduous summer performance..

Our country allows for peaceful protests, but there is no reason for violence. I’ve seen our citizens unify take care of one another through COVID19 we can’t stop now. My deepest condolences to the family of George Floyd. Country singer Andy Griggs is 46. Actor Gregory Fitoussi is 43. Country musician Mike Melancon (Emerson Drive) is 41.

I would love to visit someday, a trip to South Africa has been on my bucket list for years! Voting up and more! :)7 years ago from South Africa, I am sure you will enjoy touring SA. Save your pennies and come. I am busy to plan/organize two ten day tours from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

I can’t take credit for the title of this Hub, by the way. That was a reference used by Howard Stern many years ago. Stern, another n whose freedoms were treated lightly and spuriously by the Christian Right; who rigidly control a large part of our government.

William first had his archers fire upon the English army in an attempt to break their ranks, but the English formed a shield wall and the volley was ineffective. William then had his infantry attack, but this attack also faltered as fighting uphill was a difficult and demoralizing. Faced with defeat William was forced to personally lead his knights in a last ditch attack.

Just because, I know life tortured her thoughts. She, like I, found it difficult to detach from her emotions past and present. Her most famous quote I remember is; If I didn’t think, I would be much happier.. 2008. ‘The Symbolic Power of Transnational Media: Managing the Visibility of Suffering.’ Global Media and Communication 4(3):329 51.Cohan, Steven and Ina Rae Hark. 1993.

When one partner makes an accusation against another, most do not have the money, or the heart to fight. When the prosecuting partner decides that he or she wants to turn the kids against the other parent, there is nothing to do but pray. And the courts do not help, because the accuser is usually assumed to be right..