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To those in the pizza world, Tony Gemignani is a god. The 11 time World Pizza Champion served as mentor to Brown Dog co owner Jeff “Smoke” Smokevitch at the International School of Pizza, the San Francisco outpost of Italy’s famed Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli. Thanks to Gemignani’s coaching, when Smokevitch competed in 2010, he placed sixth with his pepperoni and mushroom Detroit Square Pizza.

The collective of businesses known as Maison d’Etoile opened at 2109 E. Cesar Chavez in 2010, with three joints Salon d’Etoile (now Lulu Belle), Esther Bangs Vintage Threads, and Coco Coquette housed under one roof. Gerstenberger brought in Charm School a bit later, after the original vintage store called it quits.

They claim that he predicted some five years ago that something like coronavirus would undo the global stock markets and would shut down great economies. But of course, Gates is far too smart to have suggested that anything like that is preordained. What he did say in 2015 at the height of the Ebola crisis in West Africa was that it was only a matter of luck that Ebola did not spread to the great cities of the world and if anything was going to kill 10 million people over coming decades it was more likely to be a virus than a war, “microbes not missiles”..

Gratitude Over Attitude: When Taylor wins and accepts an award, you can count on a few thoughtful words to be shared on stage. Tonight was no different when she won several awards including Female Artist of the Year. “I want to thank all the artists, the female artists who paved the way for us to do what we do the way we get to do it,” she shared.

Not having the tools you need to scrap by makes it even harder. It’s surprising that no one talks about tools, when discussing what you’ll need when you finally do make the jump to your own place. I suppose it’s seen as kind of a given. He played 43 games in 2018 19, a season cut short because of a virus, and had 11 points (three goals, eight assists) in 48 games for Detroit before he was traded to the Edmonton Oilers on Feb. 24, 2020. He was projected to be out 3 4 weeks after spraining his MCL during a 3 0 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights on Feb.

There isn’t a “best” major to prepare students for professional school, as long as the prerequisite courses for entrance to the profession are completed. The major should be chosen on the basis of interest and as preparation for an alternate career. Specific preparatory course requirements vary for each professional school.