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The Rangers were routinely violent, in order to restore law and order, and there was many a time that Hamer did that single handedly. Even movie star Tom Mix knew who he was and asked him to become an actor in western films. His fame provided job security, but he resigned more than once, but always returned to the Rangers.

“The proposed consent judgment will help control health costs and alter Partners’ business practices for the next 10 years, accomplishing more than a lawsuit would have done,” it said. “Our office always retained the option to seek to renegotiate portions of this agreement as it relates to Hallmark following a final report by the Health Policy Commission.”But the commission’s comments submitted to Sanders went beyond its previous warnings that the hospital takeovers would boost costs. It warned about the effectiveness of Coakley’s proposed price caps more generally and said their approach of holding cost increases to the level of general inflation was “inconsistent” with assertions by Partners and its proposed merger partners that their alliances would lower spending by promoting better coordinated care..

Over the last two years, interest in the great detective has risen again through both the Robert Downey Jr. Movies and the new BBC series, Sherlock. Each, while not a pure version of the character, have made new comers to the character easy to digest.

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I used to knit though. That was fun. I knitted while my boys were little and did a bunch of scarves for my girls. Future Fun with Grammar and UsageThe next installment of You’re Saying it Wrong will probably deal with folk etymologies, like “it takes two to tangle” (which I’ve already discussed in an earlier article). Thinking about the future, though, I was wondering: do you have an arcane grammar or usage problem that you can’t seem to keep straight? Is there a particular mistake that drives you crazy when people do it and you’d like to be able to explain why it’s wrong? Let me know in the comments, or send me an email through my profile page. If I use your suggestion, I’ll be sure to mention your name (or handle) in the article..