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Eros is at 14 Capricorn (though it is not marked in the chart), placing it in the 7th of all others, the audience, the mate, for this several times married woman. It makes only a couple of aspects, but they are very significant, as is Eros itself, to this woman identity: Eros is just outside the usually stringent limits I impose on a quincunx, this one to Vesta in the 12th, yet I feel it should be counted this gives us a big clue, that this woman likely saw the erotic in sacred terms Eros also makes a trine to Jupiter and a sextile to the Midheaven. When we look at this chart and the Eros situation with the idea in mind of Eros informing the way others saw this woman, and how this woman may have seen her Eros the inside, then we must look to Jupiter to understand how it manifested in her life.

Amazon Flex promises drivers between $15 and $19 per hour, plus tips. Theoretically, that’s more than you’d earn at UPS, but there’s a huge difference. At Amazon Flex you are an independent contractor, so you pay both employer and employee contributions to Social Security and Medicare.

TORONTO Sport Chek opened the first of its new format retail stores today, a store tailored to digitally savvy consumers aimed at drawing in customers in an era of rising competition.Intended to wow customers with perks such as valet parking and a host of customized product offerings, the new format comes as the Canadian Tire owned chain strives to cement its top market share in sporting goods while facing off against smaller boutique stores with higher end brands and service.goal with this live lab store is to test and demonstrate the latest in retail technology to deliver the same emotional rush our customers get when they are pursuing the sports and physical activities they love, said Michael Medline, president of Canadian Tire sporting goods division, FGL Sports.At 12,000 square feet, the store will act as a springboard for brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Oakley and Samsung, to test new technologies out in a store setting, executives said.The outlet has 140 digital screens on the wall, custom built into tables and on top of clothing racks; a Reebok kiosk allowing customers to custom build shoes that can be shipped to them in four to six weeks; a computerized gait analysis treadmill that advises consumers on the type of shoe that is best for their running style and sport; and a custom sunglass design kiosk from Oakley that builds glasses in the store.Store staff, who will tote tablets with quick access to extra brand information, are also given a promotional boost, with their own participation and connections to sports featured on the stores multimedia screens.wanted to create a store that is dynamic and has its own energy, Mr. Medline said. Have built a store that matches the intense passion Canadians have for sports and the activities they pursue.