Oakley Flight Deck Goggles Sizes

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The lenses can be filled to a child’s vision prescription.Because the lenses are liquid crystal display (LCD), they can also be programmed to turn opaque, occluding vision in the left or right eye for different time intervals, acting like a digital patch that flickers on and off.Researchers recently tested the effectiveness of occlusion glasses compared to patching in a randomised clinical study.They recruited 33 subjects with lazy eye between age 3 and 8 who wore spectacles to correct their vision. One group wore an adhesive patch for two hours daily.The other wore Amblyz occlusion glasses for 4 hours daily. In the study, the lens over the eye with better vision switched from clear to opaque every 30 seconds.After three months, both groups of children showed the same amount of improvement in the lazy eye, gaining two lines on a reading chart.”When you talk to adults who underwent childhood treatment for amblyopia, they will tell you that wearing a patch was the worst thing ever,” said Daniel Neely, a paediatric ophthalmology professor at Indiana University who led the study.”With these electronic occlusion glasses, the child learns that the lens will be clear again in just a few seconds so they may be more cooperative with the treatment..