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I have a little bit of a surprise right now, JLo said backstage in an Instagram Live video. Am about to surprise a whole room full of people here and I don want to say too much but I want you to be here with me when I do it. I so excited. Bertram, hobo; Mr. H. Grady, snowshoer; Mr.

So , I wait did I kill it or is it working its way up to the skin to try to breathe the one in my right calve? Not part of the travel plans. Not in any visitor brochure that I ever read on the internet. What is up with that??. The Big Ten has gained such a reputation for being a slow paced, low scoring league that fans have taken to saying the “first to 50” will win. But that’s not necessarily true, Mark Bashuk at The Big Lead writes. Going back through games since 2008, the Big Ten ranks 11th among conferences in winning percentage for the team that first got to 50 points (if they made it that far).

In point of fact, many of those rides were more thrilling, by virtue of being much more dangerous, than today’s high tech amusement park rides. There were no safety bars on roller coasters, there were no seat belts in bumper cars, nor on merry go round horses (which modern “precaution” I personally think is a bit much). People fell out of roller coasters, out of bumper cars, and other rides on a regular basis.

She finds online calendar tools to be a great way to manage that. Or you can say something like, “My child has baseball practice on Thursdays and it’s tough for me to make it. Can you take him?” she says.. “But he’s challenged by Ramy in ways that no one else could.” For Youssef, it was a priority to create a religious leader who felt like a real human. “In one of my favorite bits of it, he says, ‘As my teacher once told me, I don’t know,'” he shares. “Just hearing someone in that situation and position say ‘I don’t know’ is so powerful to me.” Derek Lawrence.

Also survived by aunts, uncles and cousins. Predeceased by her mother Elizabeth Geraldine (Betty) in 2006, her father Robert and sister Charlotte Ann in 1955, mother and father in law Irene Mae in 2000, Wilfred (Benny) Keutsch in 1979 and step father James Borland in 2011. Memorial visitation will be held at LOGAN FUNERAL HOME , 371 Dundas St.

Thank you. Leslie and I only have great memories of pool nights and long discussions with Bob, Doug and his Mom on Sunday nights. A great guy and will be missed by all. Luckily for fanboys of every nation, the social ostracism that came hand in hand with such enthusiasms evaporated around the time of the dot com boom or, at the latest, when the comic book obsessed Seth from The OC became a teen sex symbol instead of the chiseled and brooding bad boy. These days, the phrase “nerd cool” is almost redundant. But the man in the DeLorean is a nerd apart, a nerd’s nerd, because even in this town of gamers, comic lovers, sci fi cinephiles, and pop culture know it alls, it’s hard to deny that Cline sits at the head of the dork table.