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I set up all over the place wide angle and my fisheye. It is such a large Cathedral shot above is just the back end section!!! I have many many great HDR from here. I post a few more over the next few months. Last weekend my husband and I visited the now decommissioned Naval base and were delighted by the new projects and renovations taking place on Treasure Island. Besides the always spectatular views of the San Francisco, Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, there is also a newly opened “Treasure Island Flea Market” along with a 20,000 sq. Ft.

But there’s another possible source of plague infection bioterrorist attacks. The plague ranks high on the list of biological weapons that might be used in a terrorist attack; a single bacterium in the lungs can trigger the disease. So scientists are searching for a way to quickly determine if a case is natural or criminal..

We did notice that Route 66 cannot be driven in its entirety. There are sections that have not been preserved. One section begins in Albuquerque, but ends in a dead end at the western city limits, causing it to break up instead of rejoin Interstate 40 like it used to do.

What Types of Soap, Disinfectant Sanitizer Kill the Ebola Virus? Below is a list of common questions people have about which types of disinfectant products will kill Ebola. Since (at this point) Ebola is only transmitted through touch, be sure to avoid touching your mouth, eyes nose after being in busy public places like stores, airports, schools etc. The use of the items below is minimally necessary at this point, unless you are in a contaminated area.

The Grand Canyon has lodging relatively close to the rim and I would highly recommend staying at one of the lodges. The biggest drawback to staying at one of the lodges is you need to get your reservations in months ahead of your trip. We visited in early October and we made our reservation in April; even six months ahead of our trip over half of the rooms were already reserved..