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“Binge” gives insight into the before and during stages of a well known YouTuber. The catalysts to his ambition are apparent a broken home, growing up chubby, questions about sexuality, abuse, and lost and found love. But Oakley is unashamed of his humble, American beginnings.

L. Vencheal Booth from Muncie, Ind. A reception will follow immediately after the morning worship. Ted Diadiun tells an encouraging truth that reasonable people can ‘hear’ each other out, no matter their differences: Letter to the EditorTed Diadiun tells an encouraging truth that reasonable people can ‘hear’ each other out, no matter their differencesThank you, Ted. I will read every one of your future columns with a different mindset about where you are coming from, and listen openly to what you have to say, writes G. Michael Skerritt of Bratenahl in a letter to the editor..

Enlightened: Enlightened should been a glaring sign that we were in for a Laura Dern aissance because the now Oscar winner is spectacular in this wild series about a woman trying to find some balance after a nervous breakdown. Getting demoted, drinking madly and having an affair with your boss will do that to you. Watch it: Binge/Foxtel Now.

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Peter, dec. Tyler Jenson, Foley, 14 1.125: Matt Fuller, Annandale/Maple Lake, tech. Fall Sam Klingfus, Hawley/Lake Park Audubon, 15 0; Zach Stepan, Zimmerman, dec. We went to The Culpeper in the East End and climbed four flights of stairs to Piculpeper on the rooftop where Londoners were lunching among beds filled with basil, bay and edible bounty. Cucumbers are growing abundantly and chefs are preserving little ones in brine for winter. On the menu, Piculcumber is served with lamb kofta, house flatbread and hummus, there is piculpeper ketchup and rooftop mixed leaf salad.During the heatwave, advanced sapling street trees of London were girdled with Barcham’s 75 litre hydration bags which slow release water over six hours.

“I feel a commitment to the people who live here,” said Elizabeth Locke, 70, affectionately known as the “founding mother” of Cornerstone Village Cohousing. “It must be like the feeling of being in a tribe. You don’t necessarily like everybody. My Husband’s StoryMy husband and his friend were bird hunting earlier one morning on a back road way back in the woods. They were driving along when they suddenly saw a ghostly white figure cross the road. My husband’s friend said: “Did you see that.” My husband replied he had then, he said, “Let’s get out of here.” They never found out what it was and never went back there again.