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Shaun Swatman scored twice and Andy Hamby added the third for Busmen, whose goalkeeper Mark Trett pulled off several outstanding saves. AFC Wanderers and Dog House stay in third and fourth spots respectively as they drew 1 1 at Eaton Park. John Curtis had put the visitors ahead before Luke Tuttle equalised..

Earlier this year, Oakley raised $525,000 for the Trevor Project through a crowdfunding campaign.Oakley recently took a few minutes to chat with MLive.Q: At what point did you realize video blogging could be a career?A: I been doing this for seven years now I started my freshman year at MSU. The first five it was more of a hobby. Over time, I started getting jobs opportunities and internships that I probably wouldn have without it.

Tuesday is the final day to mail ballots in the Washington state primary. The editorial board has issued five endorsements, all in races with more than two candidates. When the top two in each race advance to the general election, we will weigh in again.

That the online video industry has matured is not surprising. But like many of its aficionados, there’s a sense that it’s still going through its awkward phase. That’s actually part of the charm. When asked during a recent phone interview to respond, Futrell sighed aloud. “I understand that this is a post that needs a great deal of community support and needs a great deal of public input,” she said. “There’s never been a police chief selection that hasn’t been heavily criticized,” she continued and said she knows because she did the research.

I went to my health club today and did a cardio session on an elliptical machine. First time in two weeks. I couldn’t help but notice that I wasn’t alone in renewing my commitment to indoor exercise. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of ways to block calls on your Android device. Here, we’ll take a look at how to do it with your phone’s native features, and we’ll also suggest a couple of Android apps that are worth considering. If neither of these options works, fear not we’ve also provided information on how to block numbers through your carrier.

After attempting to thread a pretty difficult needle by insisting that he never wants to see anyone get hurt but also that the Hawks absolutely needed to waylay a Cavalier to send a message, Barkley emphasized the importance of Atlanta making sure Cleveland understood that “disrespectful” behavior like gunning for the all time 3 point record simply wouldn’t be tolerated. Evidently, Barkley was not the only one interested in message sending on Wednesday evening. Nice to see you again!.