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Mr. Krizanc was a bookseller before his writing career took off, and to get the house ready for sale crates and crates of books have been sold and donated and shipped off in the kind of purging Marie Kondo would approve of. There’s still a wall of books upstairs in this room though; just a taste of what was.The third floor loft could also be the master, if you don’t mind angled ceilings and more of those quirky nooks (including a huge attic space behind a short door.) This floor’s bathroom has a new soaker tub and a little more isolation from the downstairs.Open this photo in galleryStory continues below advertisementScott Ingram, one of the listing agents, dug up a trove of details about the house’s history.

Process the JarsThe jars of jelly are now ready to be processed in a boiling water bath. Using tongs, carefully place the jars into the boiling water bath. The water should completely cover the jars by about an inch, add more water if necessary. Are a few instances where I allowed the movies some creative editing license (like the sequence in Thor: The Dark World when it keeps cutting back and forth, heist movie style, between Thor planning with the Warriors Three, and them executing that plan). Tony continued. Admittedly a LOT of this is just my own personal headcanon conjecture, but I double and triple checked my work here and to my knowledge, none of this is contradictory.

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Scott Fitzgerald.It’s to Epstein’s credit that he can take a reader by the sleeve and gently tug him into a topic he had no idea he’d be interested in. That surely seems the case with Auerbach, a literary scholar who, at first glance, would seem engaging only within the academy. But from the first paragraph of Epstein’s commentary, we become immersed in Auerbach’s intellectual odyssey, which included an especially fruitful creative period immediately after he was exiled from Nazi Germany.

“Yes, please!” she almost begged. “There is a lot of evidence that teachers know it is important to ask open ended questions, yet still ask closed ended questions. Remembering to insert a “what” or “how” to begin your questions might reframe them for your students.