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Ward finished the 2019 season with two interceptions, and 74 combined tackles starting all sixteen regular season games. Madison played eleven seasons in the league earning two first team all pro selections before retiring in 2008. He earned a Super Bowl ring playing under Spagnuolo with the New York Giants in 2007.

The Yeti Flip Hopper is a soft sided canvas cooler that is easy to carry and take anywhere. The Flip 8 ($140; regularly $200) has a capacity of up to six cans plus ice and is great for short hikes and solo trips. The Yeti Hopper Flip 12 ($175; normally $250) holds a twelve pack plus snacks easily, for day jaunts and picnics.

Taste and season with salt and pepper as needed. Serve the soup as is, mash with a potato masher to break up the broccoli a bit, or transfer to a blender in two batches and puree completely. (If you puree in a blender, return the soup to the heat to heat back up.

Thanks for the lovely comenmt. These charts will be available in my zoo literacy pack which I hope to have finished by the end of the week. In it will also be tree maps and bubble diagrams for 9 other animals as well as word wall words, word families and other literacy activities.5 years ago.

The core of traditional practice; sacrifices and prayers made through ancestors are fast becoming a thing of the past. This is especially common in established and developing urban areas and even more, among born again Christians. Most people shun tradition due to the misconception that ancestral rites are an act of underestimating the word of God or God himself.

As a result, Mr Chauvin shot the man twice in the abdomen. The man survived the encounter.As more information comes to light about Mr Chauvin who has yet to be charged with any crime protests in Minneapolis have intensified. Windows at the Minneapolis Police’s Third Precinct police station were smashed by protesters and police cars were vandalized and attacked as well.Later, an Autozone and a Target were burned and looted while a still under construction apartment complex was set ablaze.The fires in the area of the protest became so large that residents living nearby began spraying their homes down with water in the middle of the night in hopes it might prevent the fires from consuming their houses.Police fired teargas and “less than leathal” projectiles into the crowd, leaving some protesters bloodied and bruised and blinded.According to The Mercury News, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo pleaded for calm in the city and begged for the public to allow the criminal justice system to play out.”Justice historically has never come to fruition through some of the acts we’re seeing tonight, whether it’s the looting, the damage to property or other things,” Mr Arradondo said.Officers from St.