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You also typically need someone watching over the footage, making sure everything is transcoded correctly (especially in the early days as the software would crap out halfway through). Most producers were under the mistaken impression, at least early on, that shooting on the RED would save a day of film transfer. It didn it just switched that day over to the edit house, preferably to a dedicated machine with an assistant.

Navy Captain. Robert Durand, a Guantanamo spokesman, told Al Jazeera the new procedures were introduced about two weeks ago in an effort to stave off the alleged flow of “contraband” in and out of the detention camps. It’s one of several new strict protocols that went into effect at the detention facility since February..

An eye disease that leads to vision loss in older adults (age related macular degeneration or AMD). Taking vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, and zinc helps prevent AMD from becoming worse in people at high risk for developing advanced AMD. It’s too soon to know if the combination helps people at lower risk for developing advanced AMD.

458KbAbstractIn the past decade, there has been considerable interest in braneworld scenarios where the universe lives on a brane in a higher dimensional bulk and gravity is modified. The heterotic braneworld scenario of Lukas, Ovrut, Stelle and Waldram (LOSW) is derived from Horava Witten M theory, where six of the eleven dimensions have been compactified on a Calabi Yau manifold. The solution consists of two parallel three branes separated by the 11th dimension with a scalar field in the bulk.

My favorite part of the exhibit is the Westcott booth. The have two models that pose all day! Whew for them. Ever pose for 20 mins? 1 6 PM would be tough!!! They are pre lit and pose non stop for you! Lighting styles vary and they are using Westcott products.

The Art Shanty Projects bring performers, artists, activists, and community members together for weekends filled with fun on a frozen lake. This season’s artsy ice village returns to Bde Unma/Lake Harriet with a variety of things to see and do. That includes the Flora Sauna, a greenhouse shanty filled with plants; the 7 Degree Entry Danceteria, which spins DJ tunes all day; a shanty featuring a sun lit LiteBrite; a camera obscura shanty on ice; and a five seater sauna shanty (be sure to make reservations online for that last one).

While it is a “black issue” to people of color based on the impact, it is not an issue for black people to change on their own. It is not up to the families of innocent people of color who are murdered to fight this battle. It is up to the rest of us.