Oakley Goggles Model Number

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But he is a loving spirit and not likely to show up hot and angry unless you’ve been really disrespectful or hurt his feelings. So use the colors or system your prefer. I use a little of both since Rada (cool) Legba has a sense of humor and ways of getting both to suit himself..

I enjoy wearing a wig and makeup to make myself look pretty , strapping on a bra and silky panties and a silky slip,and also waxing my legs make them nice and smooth. I pedicure my feet and paint my toes red and slip on a dress what ever color I’m in the mood for. And for my legs i’ll slip on a pair sheer control top pantyhose with reinforce toe suntan color.

In the satellite view below, the light blue “bar” in the middle of the image is the Ravine Flyer II bridge (with its cage) crossing over Peninsula Dr (PA SR 832). To the left of the bridge is Waldameer Park and Water World. To the right of the bridge is the turn around near the Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC)..