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This world has it wrong. If most people were to define true beauty; it would be that of the outward appearance: A Perfect toned body from head to toe with no blemishes, fat or wrinkles.While the inside of that person may be totally vile and obnoxious, the outside reeks of adornment and false beauty of this world. It is no wonder so many people feel so ill equipped to handle these pressures pushed upon women and men.I have found myself respecting more people who have pushed themselves to gain their doctorate, PhD’s, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and just showing that they genuinely care about what is going on around them, other than what outfit they will wear or worried about touching up their makeup.Inner character defines if people are beautiful or down right ugly.

However, the benefits of having a tan are real. Having darker skin does make you look fresher, more sensuous, and vital. That is why so many people enjoy having tans and go out of their way to get one. Perspective, creativity and depth of fieldI love black and white photography, and still to this day shoot black and white on a regular basis. My grandfather loved shooting photographs in color; he said it was a breakthrough in photography when color film became available and black and white was outdated. I said black and white was classic and beautifully simple.

Please join us for a book club focused on the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion created through the Women Mentoring Network. The purpose of the book club is to engage people in conversations surrounding diversity, and how we can make a more inclusive campus. The books may not all relate explicitly to higher education, and the discussions can take us beyond the university lens.

It was another three blocks before the car moved smoothly enough for me to remove the cigarette, but it was already too late: the precariously long line of spent ash had found its way directly to the sweat stain on the pants. Awesome. But before I could consider that, counting the Manolos, I’d wrecked $3,100 worth of merchandise in under three minutes, my cell phone bleated loudly.

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