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Wednesday was “Beard Night” at Fenway Park, where fans in either naturally grown or ersatz beards could buy a ticket for $1, a celebration of the hirsute team nearingits season’s end.Martha Coakley greeted Jamie Berger (left) of Auburn and Tyler Castagno of Wayland outside Fenway Park, along with husband Thomas F. O’Connor Jr. Massachusetts, a Sixth Amendment case.”You look very familiar,” Coakley responded, an assertion Grasso, a criminal defense attorney, appeared not to buy completely.Another man, waiting with two friends for another to join them, asked Coakley, “Do you want to be our fourth?””No,” Coakley smiled.”Oh, c’mon, Martha,” replied the man, who declined to be identified.”It’s, like, a dollar ticket if you go to Gate E,” one young man, wearing a fake beard, told Coakley after she asked whether he had paid the discount rate.Coakley was not always so eager to campaign outside the city’s revered ballpark.

I do best with disparate, hard, and novel tasks that don require me to be anywhere for any particular time. That isn always sustainable though, so I started grading my days to hold myself accountable towards tasks I don want to do, so I can get better at that. That in short.

The last time the container toppled onto the ground, it was broken and cracked. I am so disappointed but I can easily replace it. However, such is to be expected with these lightweight containers, as the wind will topple them and they are apt to crack and break apart, just as this one did here.

At first light on November 6 1956 three months after President Nasser nationalised the Suez Canal Oakley was B Troop commanderof 42 Commando, Royal Marines in the leading wave of Buffalo LVT (Landing Vehicle Tracked) as they nosed at five knots towards the beaches of Port Said.With a roar, the 4.5 guns of the destroyer Decoy, her oversized battle ensign “almost obliterating” (in Oakley’s words) her superstructure, rent the Mediterranean stillness. Glancing eastwards Oakley saw the statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps proudly guarding the entrance to the Suez Canal but, as he looked around, he realised that his LVT was too far ahead. Ordering his driver to slow down, he was told that the Buffalo was the fastest in the squadron and the driver was determined to be first ashore.

I understand not having a ton of cash in the register, that is a loss prevention issue but someone should be on hand with a key or they should have arranged for you to come back and profusely apologized for your inconvenience. It doesn’t sound like they actually have a policy in writing about it, and they should have explained it better to her. Those are both higher amounts than her return was too.