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Escape of Ona Judge, Philadelphia: Judge, an enslaved woman owned by George Washington and in service to Martha Washington, escaped from the President’s House in Philadelphia in 1796. She was able to make her way to New Hampshire with the assistance of the black and abolitionist communities. Washington made attempts to retrieve Judge for the rest of his life, despite federal officials’ refusal to help recapture her..

Although we used bank leverage, we still had to come up with almost a half a million dollars to complete the purchase. Being that this was the majority of my brother’s and my own saved money from the previous 4 years of hard work, many asked why we didn’t just bring on outside investors. Actually, by this point in our career, we had quite a few people notice our growth and offer to participate by being investors..

George Floyd’s death in police custody is renewing criticism of Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s (D Minn.) prosecutorial record.Before she became a senator and a top contender for former Vice President Joe Biden’s vice presidential spot, Klobuchar spent eight years as the Hennepin County attorney, in charge of prosecution for Minneapolis. And while in that position, Klobuchar declined to prosecute multiple police officers cited for excessive force, including the officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck as he protested, The Guardian reports.Ex Minneapolis police officer Derick Chauvin saw at least 10 conduct complaints during his 19 year tenure before he was fired Tuesday, according to a database that documents complaints against police.

Whether or not you end up washing the cotton cashmere clothing that you have in the machine, you should definitely not plan on machine drying it. This is a fairly sensitive fabric that is prone to damage in the heat of the dryer. It should be dried out in the open air.

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“Anyone with information, contact police. We are grateful for everyone who has come forward to this date.”Two people are under arrest in connection with the incident, Chisholm said, and charges are pending for both. His best friend,Zabbie Safari, told CBC News that Yar was well liked and loved to makepeople laugh.”He was a beloved son, a loyal brother, he will be missed by everyone,” said Yar fatherIsmailduring Thursday press conference.