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Earlier this year, Confidential ran a competition, aimed at British schoolchildren, to write a Doctor Who episode. The mini episode, Death is the Only Answer which featured Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, Nickolas Grace as Albert Einstein and an Ood was broadcast as part of Confidential’s final episode. Seaborne told DWM that the competition had been such a huge success that they’d intended to repeat it next year.

Starbucks in its most recent operating quarter also posted an 18.4% operating margin as it continued to add hundreds of new stores. That means for every billion dollars in revenue, it minting hundreds of millions of dollars in a profit that it can drive directly into new stores and growth. But Starbucks, as a public company, is beholden to its shareholders and might not have the same luxury or room that Amazon has to gleefully burn cash and still charge toward being a trillion dollar company..

This stuff has happened in Haiti; that’s where the word “zombie” comes from. There are books about it, the most famous ones by Dr. Wade Davis (Passage of Darkness and The Serpent and the Rainbow). Here is my first Infrared Black White shot. This is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran. I will have lots of pictures from here in the next week or so as I get through them.

Some are by Salah’s husband, artist Jacob Yerex. The first is a 15 foot by 14 foot room with its own north facing window. Across the hall is a guest bathroom.. A Little Bit about the Mighty BlackThe Black River stretches from Taylor County in north central Wisconsin 160 miles to join the Mississippi River in La Crosse. This means that it begins in the “glaciated area” of the state, where the glaciers leveled the land, and travels through the Coulee Region, which was untouched by the glaciers. The Region is a lovely area marked by ridges and coulees (or small valleys) and is a modern day geology lesson in what Wisconsin looked like before the last glaciers came through.

“This is my rifle; this is my gun. One is for shooting; the other’s for fun!” In a comic World War II memoir that I stumbled on as an adolescent, a clumsy infantryman had to shout this mantra as he stood at attention, one hand gripping his rifle and the other his penis. We didn’t really need great Freud to tell us about phallic symbols: The identification of guns with explosive male sexuality is already implicit in Emily Dickinson’s extraordinary poem, “My Life had stood a Loaded Gun,” in which the spinster muse transsexually reinvents herself as a bedroom blunderbuss with a killer “Yellow Eye.”Arguing in my first book that the Western paradigm of thought as aggressive projection and penetration would end up in cinema as the arrowlike light beam of the darkened movie theater, I pointed out that while the Chinese may have invented gunpowder, they used it only for fireworks and never developed the lethal lobbing tube of the European cannon and musket.