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I also took the course, and I more or less agree with your assessment. However as someone who went to school a pretty long time ago and frankly never really learned how to study it was helpful. Foreign language, online courses, self study) it can be worthwhile, even if you are familiar with most of the techniques..

I can listen to audiobooks or play with my drop spindle and walk laps in the park for a couple of hours and not even notice how long it been because my mind is focused on the book or the spindle and yarn in my hands. The walking is secondary. I throw in a few short spurts of brisk walking here and there but it mostly a leisurely pace.

The force conducted a year long pilot project that ended in 2016 with the recommendation to move forward. But rolling it out would be expensive upwards of $80 million over 10 years, the force said at the time. Kristyn Wong Tam has questioned the SIU ability to investigate the incident.”Every time the SIU gets involved, the same concerns always come to mind.

3 months later, five fully loaded semis will arrive at the White House to drop off 100 tonnes of paperwork. Have fun running the country while also sifting through 10 billion pages of info. That why there are so many commissions, committees, investigation teams and whatever formed.

Not a question of Pat Robertson or the Pope, he said. Talking about universal values that cross lines of race, religion, economics, and politics: respect, integrity, friendship, patience, honesty. On these ideas, the school has generated almost no controversy among parents or educators.

During the Second World War, the Soviet Union was an ally of the Western democracies, their friendship was simply the result of having a mutual enemy Germany. Both the Soviet Union and the United States then, wanted security after 1945, but each defined it in a different way. Security for the Soviet Union meant friendly states on its border, the Soviets preferred to install communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe and create a buffer zone of friendly governments as defense against any attacks or future invasions whether by the capitalists or by Germany..

If banks or other big broker dealers suddenly become unwilling to facilitate the trading of certain kinds of bonds, ETFs that include large amounts of those particular bonds might suddenly plunge in price. Investors now buying up ETF shares might not realize that danger, thus leading to general overpricing.So the more bespoke and exotic markets ETFs expand into, the greater the worry that they could be involved in a 2008 style liquidity crunch. That could pose risks for key financial institutions that hold ETFs, and it could also spell danger for individual investors retirement savings.A few people are already worrying about this possibility, which is good.