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Zeus I am also omniscient so I know you have the ability to conduct interviews with dead celebrities and weird animals. Therefore, talking with an immortal like me would be easy as spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) for you. I want to set the record straight on something that you wrote in a comment on Hubpages..

In AD1431 he was with Henry VI in France, again in Ad1436. His main duties as with the Nevills before him were on the border with Scotland. The title Warden of the West March brought with it profit and influence. At the next meeting, it was Westerman’s turn to lead a close study of paintings representing the Dakota people. “I asked [them] to imagine they were Dakota, and saw their ancestors portrayed in these paintings. Not with loving and accurate detail, but distorted to look like how others perceived them to be.” She felt a shift in the conversation..

The ‘Flying Scotsman’ service 10 am either way from Edinburgh and King’s Cross was supplemented by a semi fast service that called at all major railway stations (the ‘Scotsman’ was normally scheduled non stop) between the two capitals. The train would be overcrowded and much slower than in pre war years, and inadequate for the travelling public, who carried on as before. There was no bombing for the time being, so after three weeks the railways brought out ‘Emergency Time Tables’.

We learned. It is entirely possible pre humans learned to eat meat after seeing one of their own being eaten. I’d say it is probable the general idea came from there. The brawl in the third quarter was ignited by Mahorn grabbing Michael Jordan around the waist and throwing him to the court. Oakley immediately went after Mahorn. Their skirmish drifted into the Bulls bench, where Collins put a headlock on Mahorn.

For the salmon: Heat a heavy bottomed skillet to medium high heat. Add the avocado oil to the pan. Pat each fillet dry and season each with salt and pepper. She didn’t take off her mask.How does one live in such a time? What happens in your bones, on your insides, when you’re ravaged by disease and hatred? For those African Americans who have lost loved ones and their jobs, who find themselves in long lines at food banks, who have to deal with the ongoing stress of a virus that can strike at any moment, how do you manage the trauma of loss and the terror of seeing another Black person killed by the police?Even if you turn your head away, the images and the sounds continue to haunt. We play them over and over again. It’s part of a ritual practice, a way the nation manages its racist sins.