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Wednesday. That because he was unemployed and couldn afford rent, he said. Instead, he said he been living in his camper van and sometimes with relatives. Most people don’t use the phrase mete justice anymore, but the verb mete does occasionally get dusted off when talking about distributing a limited supply of something, as in, “The lifeboat’s captain carefully meted out the remaining water.” You might be tempted to conclude that mete is related to meter, as both have a measuring connotation. You’d be nearly right. The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that meter (meaning the Metric system’s basic unit of linear measurement) comes to us from French, which got it from Greek, while mete comes to us via a very convoluted route through Old English and the various Germanic languages that influenced and were influenced by it, from its ultimate source in Greek.

The big Wins here is about leveraging. Every time someone you refer makes a purchase, you get paid too. Interesting? Yes it is every time!!! It is not a one time referral fee and there is no cap to it. “The spotlight should not be on me right now,” he said. “I need the media to go out to the families and make sure they’re OK . I understand what I did was heroic, but I did that because that’s what I was trained to do and that’s what the military has taught me to do.”.

But let’s focus on Bulls Knicks, which was always the greatest of all theater even though, at full strength, the Knicks never not once beat the Bulls in five playoff tries. But if both teams were armed with O’Brien Trophies maybe multiple ones the dynamic is completely different. And the whole ’90s NBA landscape looks entirely different..

Spray catnip on the post and place lots of fun toys around the area. It will become a fun, welcoming place to be. If you do have problems with your cat scratching other places, there are many things that you can try to retrain them. “The purchaser of flesh performs himsa (violence) by his wealth; he who eats flesh does so by enjoying its taste; the killer does himsa by actually tying and killing the animal. Thus, there are three forms of killing. He who brings flesh or sends for it, he who cuts of the limbs of an animal, and he who purchases, sells, or cooks flesh and eats it all of these are to be considered meat eaters.” (Mahabharata, Anu.

The singer has been known to keep her party affiliations to herself, but she ended that trend in a long Instagram post on Sunday. In her upload, Swift reveals who she is voting for in the midterm elections on Nov. 6 and why. Google forms allows you to create questions and surveys for your students that they fill in online, allowing you to get real time, quantifiable results. It particularly useful in large group teaching as it allows you to get feedback from a large number of students quickly and easily. Allows you to display material to students directly to their devices (mobile devices, macs and PCs).