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Bleacher’s Ding almost rings the bell, but I learned you don’t change the spot on a leopard with Michael Graham in my CBA daze. But a closer read gets us to the juiciness. Tuesday morning, Ding published a column that read more or less like an evenhanded evisceration of Anthony as a player..

The governor has called for passage of the Pennsylvania Fairness Act, which would provide protections to gay and bisexual people in housing, employment and public accommodations including public bathrooms. An employer does not need to construct new facilities to comply. The bill is stalled in the legislature because of a contentious battle over the budget..

4. Now scratch a design onto the paint to reveal the colors underneath! You can use the “wrong” end of a paintbrush handle to this, so long as it’s a small brush, or you could use a bent paper clip or a clay tool. Anything that has a point but isn’t sharp will do.Movie Master, it will be fun for your grandchildren I’m sure, especially if they are young it’s like magic to them! Thanks for your comment..

I got this one from the cutest Etsy shop (BFFs Babes) that makes their tie dye to order in a bunch of different color combos and with personalization options. Some day in the far off future, I’ll be wearing this sweatshirt with actual jeans. Kara Cuzzone, Assistant Commerce Editorthese ones from Outdoor Voices.

However, we argue that these equations can be derived within the hydrodynamic framework by a careful off shell generalisation of the second law. This potentially provides a universal framework for a large class of hydrodynamic theories, based on their underlying symmetries and gapless modes. Motivated by this newly found universality, we present an all order analysis of the second law of thermodynamics and propose a classification scheme for the allowed hydrodynamic transport, including arbitrary gapless modes, independent spin current, and background torsion.

They’re actually not all the same. This past summer there were many more trains passing through than we have every heard before. Some days we’d only hear a few trains, but on other days it seems like there was one right after the other. Gemini has one free Firewire, 4 DVI outputs, and 1 S Video output. Machine is pre installed with Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit and comes with a 2 Year Collect Return WarrantyPrice and Value for money (3 out of 5)Priced at Gemini was pretty expensive and now the company has levied an extra because the strength of the pound against the dollar is falling on a daily basis, while US currency itself is losing ground against the East where all components are made.Performance (5 out of 5)An over clocked CPU, a superb graphics cardm and 4 GB of RAM makes Gemini blazingly fast and a genuine performer all the way. Apart from gaming, this machine did extremely well with multimedia and desktop applications.