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I was called a “dumbass (twice).”Then, in the ultimate social media era outrage against freedom of speech, I was blocked, deleted, and invited to “Kiss my Ass.”. Bear in mind I didn’t call this person any names, or disrespect her right to voice her opinion. I simply expressed my own.The conclusion I draw is that, despite the religious reverence we express about the topic when queried, Americans don’t really like freedom of speech.

This entire Google interview is a great watch (hosted by DK Chillin) but it’s crazy to hear some of the things Jeff says. He mentions that the appeal of Survivor is the simple premise of leaving people on an island to fight it out but then wants to complicate it with twists and mechanics which confuse the viewer and aren’t exactly favoured by all players either. I completely understand the need to change the game up to keep the show fresh but people will still tune into the show for harmless themes like David vs Goliath or Blood vs Water.

I hated going to the office and sitting in front of a desk. On my 30th birthday I was in a bar with my buddies, doing what you do on your 30th birthday, and I was just like, “I’m leaving.” They asked where I was going, and I said I’m going to run 30 miles to celebrate my 30th birthday. They just passed it off as me being hammered yeah, I was f ked up, but I still did it.

I don’t actually ask alot of questions or do anything to coax people into giving me information I just kindof pick up on things. It’s super abstract and hard to explain. I just observe things that I think alot of other people miss. Always, the student volunteers on the Homecoming Committee have done an outstanding job planning a mix of events that appeal to students, alumni, families and community members alike, says Wisconsin Alumni Association President and CEO Paula Bonner. Time honored Homecoming traditions such as Yell Like Hell and the parade are what keep them coming back, and our students always manage to add a new twist that makes them even more fun than the year before. The schedule of activities:The race begins at noon on Sunday in front of the Memorial Union and includes a 5K run and a 3K walk that wraps around campus via Langdon Street, State Street and Observatory, finishing back at the Memorial Union.

The cheesecake is delicious! My friends just loved it. This recipe gave me non stop compliments and satisfied smiles. Cheesecake is one of life’s great rewards, this one is no exception.. From the league release: Dolan, Charles Oakley, and I met today at the league office, along with Michael Jordan, who participated by phone. He was a star for the Chicago Bulls, who are not the New York Knicks. He was a player and general manager for the Washington Wizards, who are not the New York Knicks..