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And then there is the whole possibility of computer malfunction. So when a computer gives a candidate 16,022 votes it’s a problem. Not a huge problem, unless the outcome of an election hinges on 16,000 votes! So when you press that computer screen who knows what’s really happening to that vote in the digital age in which we now live.

In 2016, Clinton won the Golden State’s Democratic vote by 7 percentage points over Bernie Sanders. She took the cities and, more controversially, the superdelegates; he dominated in suburban and rural areas. This season will generate its own surprises and anxieties.

Michelle Oakley, star of the Nat Geo WILD Show Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet and experienced in helping animals big and small, would provide care. Oakley was on her way back from California at the time of the fire, Archer took a seven hour car ride, through severe weather, to the nearest vet that could treat his serious injuries.

She also said her parents were “harsh on me” about it, and said she would not have disclosed her marijuana use if she hadn’t been asked about it on Boston Herald Radio. She said after the debate that the message of her experience is, “Don’t give up on people.”Kayyem, who has said taxpayer dollars could be spent on other programs by reducing the prison population, said, “We have to just envision a state that doesn’t throw people away.”Don Berwick, Obama former acting chief of Medicare and Medicaid, staked out ground for himself in his support of repealing the 2011 casino law, and his support of single payer health care which he has said he would reserve as an option if the current health care system does not improve.”I am the only candidate for governor that put single payer on the table in this state,” Berwick said.The first meeting of the five Democrats seeking the Corner Office took place at Carey Hall in Lexington Center, a short walk from the site of the first shots in the American Revolution.”I’m not sure the results of this evening will be quite as historic,” joked Rep. Jay Kaufman, a Lexington Democrat, who hosted the forum, at the beginning of the proceedings.In 2010, Coakley told NECN anchor Jim Braude, “I don’t support in state tuition.”The issue came up when Grossman asked whether the other candidates would “join me” supporting a bill filed by Rep.

Are Marvel Essential Worthwhile?Some say the Essential series is a great way for fans to read all their favorite series without having to scout down the old comics and spend a great deal of money. Others say the books just aren’t worthwhile because the reprints are in black white and losing the original colors of the art makes everything look drab. I agree the colors are a major part of enjoying a comic, but I do think the Essentials books are a great deal.