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And to think, all Colin Kaepernick did was take a knee In university, I wrote a political science paper making the case for the merger of Canada and the United States, taking out the borders, having one currency and one set of laws. Looking back, I drank and smoked way too much in university This is Day 78 of the COVID isolation hostage situation. I haven read enough.

Glock p80 problem getting stuck when it should be closing without mag and with mag it is misfeeding . With the slide off make sure your trigger bar and firing pin are both moving freely, and then start searching for excess wear points. You could also put some sharpie on the slide rails (on the frame, not the slide itself) and other metal parts to show you what is contacting what..

I not sure if it will get the exact same response, because with the TV shows there is some sort of nostalgia. There is no visual, it just aural, which is an entirely different experience from when you are watching something. So I think it will be interesting to see the response..

Adam the son of GodLet’s, look at what the gospel of Luke, says about who the first Son of God was, while giving Jesus’ supposed genealogy: Luke 3:38 “Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the Son of God”. So Adam was the original Son of God, very interesting. But, in the Old Testament, Adam is depicted as anything but a Son of God.

Deopham have moved up to second spot in 2A. Jonathan Oakley 2, Lewis McKerell and Carl Sturman scored as they won 4 2 at Acle Wanderers, whilst Shane Brister and Tom White replied for the home side. DCS Rapid drop a place after a Marc Howard hat trick saw them lose 3 1 at The Stores, whilst the resurgence of Green Man continues after an excellent 4 3 victory at Sprowston Sunday..

If you noticed most people that are hard core gymaholics, are almost always ina rage. There tens and “pumped up as they call it” . Applying pressure on certain muscles areas , without getting enough “brain ventilation”. I was amazed when we get footage from Academy award winning DPs that looked awful, then get footage from DPs who had never shot much film, but tons of HD. They understood you didn underexpose but expose to the right, bringing it right up to the edge before it blows out, that when the footage looks great. The guys used to film were shooting with a tool they didn know how to use, hardly the fault RED when the video guys were killing it (don use a light meter, use a waveform and histogram).