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But I think another part of it is that this is what women are trained to do, for our own safety. Guy accosts you on the street? Guy treats your butt like his punch line? Just smile, nod, give him a hug if he wants a hug so you can move along and get the hell away. I’ve done it myself, when I’ve been surprised and annoyed and flat out scared.

Despite its shortcomings, there is still some action in the city I want to highlight this week. A same day delivery business, Dolly, is on the rise. The startup told me on Thursday it had raised a $7.5 million round from Unlock Venture Partners, Maveron and Jeff Wilke, the chief executive officer of Amazon Worldwide Consumer.

The Mass Communication Design Option prepares students for opportunities in many media industries and agencies, as well as for the pursuit of advanced degrees in media related disciplines. The Media Arts Option provides education in all forms of electronic media, including video, audio, digital production, and post production. Many graduates go on to careers in scriptwriting, producing, editing, directing, and other facets of media production and broadcasting..

And, of course, our homeless crisis just gets worse. All that was true when San Francisco was rolling in cash, the economic envy of cities around the world with its $12.3 billion annual budget making it richer than many states. You know, back in early March, all those many eons ago.

I don see anything in your question about what you want to do. Start there. Doesn mean you going to do that for a living, but you can proceed without understanding that first. Through its natural lifespan, the ship would have served for twenty five to thirty years, typical of ships of that era. She would have quietly met the same fate as any other vessel from that era, the scrapyard. Historical value was rarely placed on ocean liners much how airliners are treated today.

I invested in a few plants and placed them where I like to sit of an evening; Lavender and Citronella worked for me. I also hung hanging baskets with ordinary Mint and Basil in a few different locations; on the porch; over the main entrance; in the bathroom and by the kitchen window. I planted Rosemary around my little patio area too (my lamb chops have never tasted so good)..

No problem. I stored the Larry Bottle on my desk and it was around 55 degrees most days last week. Friday night, at dinner with neighbors across the street, we ran out of wine and I could not resist the temptation to retrieve the $80 bottle of Legends from my desk.