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Leonard mom, Ada, vacationed in the Pumpkin House as a child in the 30s, when there were a half dozen hotels on the lake, including the stately Culvermere. Leonard dad, Frank, bought the house when he returned home from World War II. Leonard and his brothers and sisters lived here year round in the 50s..

Louise and Craig Oakley have spoken out after Dudley’s NHS Trust agreed to a ‘substantial undisclosed settlement’ and admitted liability for their son’s death.That is the message from the devastated parents of Myles Oakley, who are still struggling to overcome the ‘agony’ of their son’s death nearly three years on.Louise and Craig Oakley have spoken out after Dudley’s NHS Trust admitted liability for Myles’ death and agreed to a ‘substantial undisclosed settlement’.Myles’ death is among dozens of cases that led to serious failings being uncovered in the quality of maternity services at Russells Hall Hospital between April 2014 and December 2015.Hospital bosses have offered their ‘sincere condolences’ to the couple.Myles died the day after being born in May 2015 Craig, from Dudley, said: “I wouldn’t wish the pain our family has gone through over the last few years on anyone.”I just hope that Russells Hall makes improvements to make sure nobody else suffers like we have had to.”Louise went into the hospital on May 7, 2015, to give birth to Myles. But his condition started to deteriorate and Louise was given drugs to speed up the labour.Myles was in distress but was not delivered until after 10pm. He was born in a poor state and had to be resuscitated.He deteriorated further, which led to his parents taking the heartbreaking decision to turn off Myles’ life support machine the day after his birth.A ‘detailed clinical review’ has since been carried out with hospital bosses putting an improvement plan in place.Russells Hall Hospital, where Myles was born and died A report published by the Dudley Maternity Quality Improvement Board last October said maternity services at the trust were now ‘safer and more clinically effective’.But Myles’ heartbroken parents have today criticised the hospital for not allowing them to spend time with the baby and being rushed out of the hospital.Louise, 40, said: “The agony of losing Myles is something that neither of us will fully ever get over.”Nearly three years on I’m still angry with not only the care we received but the way we were treated by the hospital.’Myles will always be a part of our family’ “We never got to hold Myles while he was still alive and after he died it felt like we were in the way.