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NASA’s best guess is that the wormhole and the planets were put there for us by extraterrestrial intellects vast, cool and weirdly sympathetic. But they need Cooper’s Right Stuff to get to Saturn, where the wormhole is. It’s unclear who was going to handle the driving if an eventually explained series of mysterious portents hadn’t led Cooper and Murph, his 10 year old budding genius daughter, to their secret lair..

Even if you have an at fault claim in CA I believe they won raise the rates if damages are under 1k anyway.Well now that I handle more than the initial loss I have a better understanding of the possible end game, a lawsuit which is usually when injuries involved but not always.Before going there I would explain that your main goal is to protect your insured and sometime that is paying a claim. Otherwise they could end up in small claims or worse.You always want to take your insureds side unless evidence shows otherwise. So when liability is against your insured there gotta be a clear reason but explaining that with minimal pushback takes experience.Explain that if you deny the claim and don pay then they may be sued and going through the process of getting served is a terrible feeling.

That thought came to mind with the recent death of Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver. Oliver’s poetry collections tended to be slim and light so slender that when I bought a couple of them on summer vacation a few years ago, they barely registered a presence in my knapsack.The books proved a perfect companion for the flight back a comforting reminder that even as I was returning home to humdrum routines, her poetry would continue to provide a sense of departure.Many of Oliver’s other fans also seemed to like how her work, like any good poetry, took them out of themselves for a while, setting the world at an arm’s length that allowed it to be seen more clearly. That led critics to mistakenly assume that both Oliver and her admirers were simply indulging in escapism, lost in the landscape of the New England woods that Oliver often liked to write about.As Georgia reopens, is it creating a model for America?But as I suggested in a 2017 review of “Devotions,” a collection that assembled her best poems, Oliver’s writing was about engagement, not escape.

For the music, Beheim turned to his brother. Eric Beheim is a musician working in California who has made a specialty of reconstructing silent movie cue sheets for silent screen classics like “Intolerance,” “Birth of a Nation,” “The Sheik” and the Douglas Fairbanks version of “Robin Hood.” These tracks usually consist of snippets of public domain music by Classical composers and stock mood melodies by now forgotten names who focused on churning out movie tunes. It was the first installment of Cyrano’s “Anchorage: The First Hundred Years,” a decade by decade dramatization of the city’s history.