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Minneapolis bus drivers are refusing to help police transport protesters to jailAs tensions between police and protesters in Minneapolis reached a boiling point following the death of George Floyd, the city bus drivers have made it abundantly clear which side they on. The driver union, ATU Local 1005, issued a statement of solidarity on Thursday, with some of its drivers going as far as to refuse to use their buses to help law enforcement transport protesters to jail. “The pigeon was set free yesterday (May 28) after nothing suspicious was found,” said Shailendra Mishra, a senior police official in Indian administered Kashmir.

MetloxMetlox was a company that made Ceramic dinnerware from 1919 to around 1938. Metlox’s name is derived from two words: “metal” and “oxide,” referring to the glaze pigments which are laid on top of a mainly talk pottery underneath. It was a family run company in Manhattan Beach that made everything from architectural tiles, to pottery, theater signs and even shell castings fasteners for the armed services during World War II.

But the equivalent of a permanent emergency would be a project engaging the energies of the entire society. The tweeter “scientism” makes a good case that the purpose of liberalism is to prevent the coalescence of such a project the last such project was the organization of the social order to serve and glorify God, and liberalism got its start by muddying up that project. It’s hard to imagine anything as comprehensive as that replacing liberalism, but what can replace liberalism is a social order of “seed projects,” proposals seeking support for space exploration, medical research, communications and infrastructural developments, and even such leftist fetishes as cleaner energy the sovereign responsibility would be to order and prioritize amongst such projects, to devote long term research allocation to them, and to assign to the others the organization of educational and other institutions the task for preparing the people to participate.

Particularly, we restrict consideration to horizontal isotropy in mechanical and thermal properties of the porous skeleton. We find that the anisotropic permeability has opposite effect to that of the thermal anisotropy parameter on the stability on the system. In the second case, deformed solid skeleton, we study wave motion in elastic materials of double porosity structure.

Shane Phelps doesn’t lack confidence. But appreciating his confidence requires a bit of selective memory. Forget that he’s already run and lost a race for Travis County district attorney. “Everybody played as a team. We knew it was going to be a tough game and we knew we’d have to concede possession for long periods. England are a high quality team that I expect to go far in this competition.”Defensively we were far better.