Oakley Replacement Ear Pieces

Popcorn Makes Memories When we were kids hanging out with our cousins, every once in a while my Dad or one of my aunts would make us a bag of popcorn for a treat. We might take that bag to the drive in theater (I’m dating myself, I know!) or sit on logs by the campfire and munch. When I say bag, I seriously mean bag! It was two paper grocery bags, one inside the other, and filled more than halfway to the top.

Very interesting, John; I think that we all have much to learn from native cultures, and the Aborigines certainly have much ancient knowledge to teach. I recall being enthralled by the book “Mutant Message Down Under.” Worth a read, if you have not yet done so. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

Patterson was a second round pick by the Lakers in 1998, but left after one season to find his destiny as the guy who claimed he could stop Kobe Bryant. And gave himself the aforementioned nickname. To his point, Patterson did develop a reputation for playing tough defense.

Before he became an All Star with the Knicks, Oakley was Jordan teammate on the Bulls. More accurately, he was Jordan the Marty McSorley to Jordan Wayne Gretzky. They only about 11 months apart in age, but Jordan almost seemed to view Oakley as a younger brother in need of his guidance.

“Living green infrastructure such as the urban forest, wetlands, green roofs and walls delivers multiple benefits, but is not recognized by senior level governments for investment” Steven W. Peck, founding member of Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition said. “It would cost an estimated $14.2 billion to replace the trees in the GTA’s urban forest.

Inspired by his dad, Craig, to take on the sport, he took to the longboard at only four years of age. It wasn’t long before he realized he truly loved the on going challenges of skating. Today, Kai, at thirteen years, is an aficionado of surfing but also fosters his passion for skateboarding.

The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 by Thomas Jefferson opened the land beyond the Mississippi to expansion westward for the already crowded new country. This renewed the blood lust for native lives and lands. Jefferson believed “a republic depended on an independent, virtuous citizenry for its survival, and that independence and virtue went hand in hand with land ownership, especially the ownership of small farms.” (“Those who labor in the earth,” he wrote, “are the chosen people of God.”).

Springtime in Florida is wonderful! Bird photography is at its best this time of the year. Rookeries all over the state have lots of Mother birds nesting and the eggs are hatching daily! I was lucky enough to see the first bunch of baby egrets close to the walkway at Gatorland. It was tough grabbing this shot through branches and leaning over the railing not to fall into a lake of alligators! I call these guys Larry, More and Curly! I love the hairdos! I had no idea that baby Egrets were punkers! LOL.