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CAPS has walk in hours from 8:30 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. When you walk in, a CAPS counselor will meet with you, hear your concerns, and help determine what service is most likely to address your needs. If CAPS is not able to meet your specific needs, we will work with you to connect you to a provider that can..

Cleaning and LaundryIf your guest or guests give you plenty of advance notice, it is polite to make sure your home is clean before they arrive. No one should expect your home to be completely spotless (unless your evil mother in law is visiting) but it is only proper etiquette to have a reasonably clean home. If you haven’t seen your kitchen table in 2 months due to the piles of paperwork, junk mail, and food wrappers, by all means, clean that before your guests arrive..

CK: I’m not really sure, I remember being younger and kind of being on the outside of things a little bit. As a gay person, I was often outside of other people’s experiences, I wasn’t in the group talking about which girls I hooked up with in college. I guess either I had a secret and/or had a different way of looking at things..

Teammates wanted to get me back into a rhythm because they told me from Day 1 that they need me, Antetokounmpo said. Just got to do whatever it takes to win. I told them I going to play as hard as I can and sometimes there going to be ups and downs.

The digital tipping feature is the biggest addition to the new Starbucks app. After paying you can select $.50, $1.00 or $2.00. If you forget, and now you’re on the train heading to work, you have up to two hours before the transaction closes out. Puree until smooth using an immersion blender. Season with salt and pepper. Thin with additional stock if necessary..

“We have created a wooden structure in which the ball is fixed between two walls. When pushed, the ball gets pumped. The whole structure is fixed with a motor that moves automatically with the time set which is required to pump that ball and this whole circuit is programmed in a way that it works automatically,” said class 8 student Kartik Tara..

After a quiescent period, the government embarked on further change with the Lyon and Gershon reviews of the public sector, both of which had the remit to increase ‘efficiency’ and to reduce costs. Almost immediately, the new organisation embarked upon a review of the number of blood centres in 2006 and this triggered a similar bitter union management dispute. The resultant outcome was the closure of blood centres based in Plymouth and Southampton and the construction of a so called ‘Super Centre’ at Filton near Bristol.