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In that time, Manfredonia was suspected of killing another man and kidnapping one woman, before crossing state lines from Connecticut to New Jersey, and abandoning her there.He is believed to have gone on to Pennsylvania, then Maryland, via various Uber rides, the Connecticut Post reported.Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.A college student suspected of killing two men and kidnapping a woman has been taken into custody after leading police on a six day, multi state manhunt.Peter Manfredonia, 23, was arrested in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Wednesday evening, according to a tweet from the Connecticut State Police.The University of Connecticut senior had been on the run since Friday, when he allegedly killed a 62 year old man with a machete in Willington, Connecticut, after his motorcycle broke down and the older man offered him a ride, the Connecticut Post reported.He later took the woman to New Jersey before abandoning both her and her car on Sunday.Manfredonia is believed to have taken an Uber into eastern Pennsylvania, where he stole another vehicle, according to the CT Post. On Tuesday, according to images released by the Pennsylvania State Police.Investigators are still trying to determine what prompted Manfredonia’s spree.An attorney representing Manfredonia’s family has said that he had dealt with mental health issues in recent years, according to CBS New York.Inside Edition obtained photos showing scribblings on the wall of Manfredonia’s former dorm room, which read: “We saw what happened when Adam snapped. Now they see what happens when I snap.”Inside Edition says it’s believed that the statement is a reference to Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza.

Neglect is not a parenting style. Any expression of anything; need or otherwise, or by what means they do this, causes extreme duress. The child’s existence activates the parents poorly adapted defense mechanisms. Speaking to reporters at a campaign event in Medford on Sunday, Coakley referenced Baker, saying he needed more data on the NFL issue.”I just feel so strongly, given the work I’ve done, talking to women on this campaign women don’t need more data to know that domestic violence is a problem,” she said. “And that it’s a problem when organizations and institutions like the NFL, ignore it, deny it, don’t take it seriously. So, we need to change that.”.

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