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Obama’s was $2.53. Pres. Bush started his administration with gas prices of $1.83, and Pres. She needed it for her cows. Turns out, it makes a great fodder crop for horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens and many others. Explains why we find it where we do..

Laverne Cox: I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately, honestly. My blackness, my transness, they’re parts of me, they’re not all of me. But they definitely inform the way I see the world, so I’m constantly thinking about how and where trans people are left out, specifically, trans women of color.

Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday that New York City would begin reopening the week of June 8.”We will stay on track by focusing on the hotspots,” Cuomo said in a tweet. “We know down to the zip code where the infection rate is higher than average. We will meet the need where it is greatest.””I am proud of the way New York is figuring it out,” Cuomo said during a news conference.New York Mayor Bill de Blasio joined Cuomo’s briefing after the governor announced plans to reopen the city.”We are excited to get to the point of a restart for New York City,” de Blasio said.

After the story broke, the Hennepin County Attorney’s office began a review process which Klobuchar supported but the revelation outraged criminal justice reform advocates, some of whom called on the senator to drop out of the presidential race.Over her yearlong presidential candidacy, Klobuchar frequently found herself explaining these aspects of her record and trying to persuade Democratic voters that she’d approach things differently now. But that didn’t translate into increased support from black voters: a January Washington Post/Ipsos poll found that 62 percent of black Democratic primary voters didn’t know who Klobuchar was or had no opinion of her. The amount of support she got from black voters was represented by an asterisk unmeasurable.In South Carolina, the primary’s barometer for black support, Klobuchar notched 3.2 percent of the overall vote, lagging behind leading candidates.

What we know today it is virtually impossible to hold an event the way Canadians have become accustomed to, so working with the Riders, it was very clear we weren going to have a traditional Grey Cup this year. Along with the Riders, we made the decision that we would shift the Grey Cup away from Regina this fall. We awarded Grey Cup 2022 to the Riders and the province of Saskatchewan.

6MbAbstractIn this thesis, we study the topology of configuration spaces of particles of variable radius r>0 moving on a metric graph. Our main tool is a piecewise linear (PL) Morse Bott theory for affine polytope complexes, which extends the Morse theory for such complexes introduced by M. Bestvina and N.