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In the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, the monster hunter returns to the land of Borgovia to slay monsters. The land of Borgovia has grown dark, devious, and dangerous with the emergence of monsters of all sorts. Van Helsing will find it easy initially as he ventures into the outskirts of Borgovia and meets some stray monsters.

Nylon and leather, however, are the most popular choices. You will find every color and pattern you can think of, and embellishments such as rhinestones, beads, studs, and jewelry. There are also round shapes and flat shapes, chic, designer, and haute couture; sports and holiday themed collars, and more.The basic styles of these traditional or regular collars include: (1) Flat collars with buckle or snap fasteners.

Monthly data that came out three days after the election showed that employers added 214,000 jobs in October, the ninth month in a row with gains of 200,000 or more. The unemployment rate fell to a six year low of 5.8 percent. In the third quarter, gross domestic product increased at a 3.5 percent rate.

And then there’s The Imitation Game, which Benedict Cumberbatch lifts far above the standard biopic formula. He’s award caliber strange. He plays the proto computer genius, World War II code breaker and gay martyr Alan Turing and has the perfect visage for it, with his alien reptile face and hemisphere wide blue eyes.

Peel plastic off the Cup Noodles and fold back the lid so that you can add boiling water to the inside fill line. Close lid and let stand. (It’s easier to keep the lid closed if you put a spoon on top of the lid to hold it down). Follow CNNStory highlights1st Lt. Brandon Harker left last year for Afghanistan, leaving his dog with a “good friend”The dog was gone when he returned; he doesn’t know if it was sold or given awayHarker uses Craigslist to ask for help: “I’d just like him back, safe and sound”The yellow lab, Oakley, loves to play and snuggle with whomever, wheneverA purebred yellow Labrador retriever, Oakley likes to run, swim and get into most everything “whether it’s trouble or not,” his owner 1st Lt. Brandon Harker affectionately says.And as much as anything, Oakley enjoys cuddling wherever, with whomever.

Coloured diamonds are also much sought after these days. The core designs of the diamonds are traditionally Indian or Italian , but the styling, finishing and the metal used are purely American. More than plain gold ornaments, diamond studded gold ornaments are becoming more popular.