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So Jacob renamed his son Benjamin, which means “son of my right hand.” Jacob knew his own worth, having wrestled with God and prevailed and having been renamed Israel. (Genesis 32: 24 28). Instead of having his son walk around in self pity, he wanted Benjamin to walk around feeling worthy, “very dear to me, the support of my age, like the staff in my right hand.” (Matthew Henry’s Commentary).

He values love as something sacred and spiritual and he loves deeply and lastingly. But because of the square between these two planets it would make it hard for him to truly release his ego and merge with another person out of fear of being hurt. I trying to learn astrology I have been reading and studying for about 5 years, but I just not sure if my understanding is correct, and I have only been learning about progressions for the past month or so.

Cumberbatch is the one freaky touch in an otherwise conventional movie. But those conventions, in this case, work handsomely. Graham Moore’s script is smart and shapely, the direction, by Morten Tyldum, brisk. CACTUS BLOSSOMS: (Singing) I’m conscientious, she’s an objector. She’s a clown collector. To be a knife thrower, I’ve got to practice for years.

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Sometimes, there are small differences, and every so often, those differences are better. For example, a famous national brand of soup has a “low sodium heart healthy” version of several of its flavors. I compared it to the regular version, same flavor, of the house brand, and guess what? The house brand was even lower in sodium than the name brand’s supposedly ‘heart healthy’ version! That is important to me, as my husband is a heart patient..