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The government plan canvassed interim targets for weaning the territory off natural gas, including having 60,000 existing households taken off the network by 2025. However, no targets have been set in stone at this stage. Evoengery draft plan said there were three “pathways” to achieving net zero emissions; powering the ACT entirely with green electricity, transitioning to “renewable gas” supply, or adopting a “hybrid” model which included a mix of the two energy sources.

Back To California, and Back to San Quentin PrisonI’ve been to California myself on several occasions, and despite God’s own description to Abraham concerning Palestine, in which the almighty described it as a land “flowing in milk and honey,” I wonder if God hadn’t smoked a joint that day when he spoke to the founder of so many nations; and the man who’s children outnumber the sands on the world’s beaches. God, after all, placed marijuana pretty much everywhere, it’s idiocy to believe in a creator, and then think that he created plants that grow everywhere because Bronfsman owns Seagrams, and that you’d be better off drunk than smoking Mother Nature. I think God meant to tell Abraham that California was, in fact, a land flowing with milk and honey, but that he’d only lead a bunch of media moguls who claimed to be Jewish there instead..

It is great you are teaching your teens good old fashioned courtesy. I don’t plan to give into the “new club” either. Be it unpopular, I plan on practicing manners despite the bad behavior around me. I think of the personal stuff that he brings every day. Obviously he’s a heck of a player, elite player in this league. I know he would’ve liked to get a win, but you can’t have everything,” said Kenny Atkinson..

This sugery is brilliant, most of the time I get an appointment face to face, all the time I get a telephone appointments with a doctor I ask for. Majority of the receptionists are fantastic and have gone above and beyond to help me. When I have needed a appointment for my son, I have got one immediately.

Unfolding Prayer. Monday’s Inspiration 68by manatita44 5 days agoMore thoughts on growing in love with stories and suggested parables as well as a further look at prayer and its myriad formsThe Emerald Tablets Key of Wisdom Explainedby Buildreps 3 years agoEmerald Tablet 3 is about the Key of Wisdom. The major part of the text is understandable for most of us.

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne has had some trouble with Australian airline Qantas in the past and the 48 year old was again left frustrated with the airline after his golf clubs went missing. Warne took to Twitter to vent out his frustration and wrote, “Very disappointed once AGAIN in Qantas as I’ve arrived in Canberra to play a game of golf for charity my clubs never made the plane ! How can that happen ?”. However, instead of receiving sympathy, fans on the social networking platform decided to make light of Warne’s predicament..