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In practice, however, citizen’s arrest doctrines have set the stage for tragic, unnecessary and avoidable confrontations and deaths.Modern citizen’s arrest rules can be traced back to 1285, when England’s Statute of Winchester directed that citizens “not spare any nor conceal any felonies” and commanded that citizens bring “fresh suit” prosecute whenever they see “robberies and felonies committed.”Back then, there was no “law enforcement” as we understand it today no cops, no prosecutors. It was largely left to private citizens to apprehend and prosecute felons.Prior to the development of professionalized police agencies in the mid to late 1800s, there was no particular legal distinction between arrests made by private citizens and those made by public officials.In English cities and larger towns, able bodied men were expected to take generally unpaid shifts patrolling as night watchmen. An account published in the New York Gazette in the mid 18th century described night watchmen as “a parcel of idle, drinking, vigilant Snorers, who never quelled any nocturnal Tumult in their Lives.”In the mid 1600s, the slave codes of the colonial American South declared that controlling the enslaved population was a matter of public responsibility the “public” here being exclusively white men.

Sky City: The Acoma PuebloThis is a hub which records the history of possibly ‘the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States.’ The Acoma Pueblo aka ‘Sky City’ is a village perched on a high rock outcrop in the state of New Mexico, and its builders, the Acoma Indians, have had a long and difficult interaction with the white man, notably the Spanish invaders in the 16th and 17th centuries the main focus of this article. The hub includes four videos and many photos, which makes the page more enjoyable to read, and entices the reader to want to visit this place. One interesting point I wasn’t aware of is that apparently the totem poles lacked great religious significance rather they are story telling devices..

Is the 21 Gram Theory TrueIn 1901 1906 the medical equipment to determine when the patients were dead had not been developed. All that Dr. Duncan MacDougall had to ceuse was a stethoscope that he lay on the chest to hear when the heart stop. Dr. R. Kenneth Joyner of Yorktown, a general practitioner who was on the pleasure boat that brought the Hogges to shore, said Eugene Hogge was helped from the overturned boat, then lay down.

Forty two thousand Lancastrians who supported the ailing Henry VI met thirty six thousand Yorkists who supported Edward IV, son of the ill fated Edward, Duke of York who had been defeated a year earlier by Henry’s queen, Margaret of Anjou. It would be Margaret who had charge of the Lancastrian army, led by the young Duke of Somerset. Edward’s army was commanded by Lord Fauconberg.