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Wet and Dry sandpaper can be used for a road surface, grey or sandy side up, the finer the better for town or village roads, rougher for moorland or farm roads. Your powers of observation and imagination are all that limit you. This is all incidental.

As far as I can tell, Luxottica is like a book publisher who also has a significant retail presence. Is by far the largest market for luxury consumer goods). Namely, Warby Parker.[1] They opened retail stores to combat Luxottica market share in that arena, manufactured their own eyeglasses, and raised $41mm in funding to do so.

Another reason is that they do more than review films. Most weeks the reviews are fleshed out with various sketches put together by the hosts themselves. A viewer probably wouldn’t approach Korey these days to congratulate him on his review of Muppet Treasure Island, but they do still comment on the skit he ran along with it, a spoof on Hugh Grant’s auto erotic dalliance with Miss Divine Brown, in which footage sent from an anonymous source shows Kermit the Frog soliciting a prostitute and later confronting Korey on the air.

During a D you lie on your back and place your legs in stirrups like during a pelvic exam. Then the doctor inserts a speculum into the vagina and holds the cervix in place with a clamp. Although the D involves no stitches or cuts, the doctor cleanses the cervix with an antiseptic solution..

A Ripple of ConsiderationCindy Post Senning, great granddaughter of Emily Post (the famous etiquette guru) was asked in an article, “Do you think kids are ruder today than they used to be.” Senning responds, “People are concerned, but I believe the concern is cause for celebration. Let’s act on that concern. Each one of us has the capacity to act in respectful and considerate ways.

Road races, hill climbs and anything moto! My photoshop skills are solid but to rework an old photo professional is needed. I sent in 2 pics today to a shop in TN called Antique Photo Repair. This is my scanned in image of my Grandpa from 1929 (with a small attempt to clean it up).

A year ago, officials in North Carolina’s Beaufort County would have rated their readiness going into hurricane season at a 95 on a 0 to 100 scale. With the virus, that’s down to 75. Brad Baker, emergency management director of Florida’s Santa Rosa County, gave the same numbers “because there’s a lot of unknowns with COVID.”.

Uncovering the EvidenceScientists needed to find a fossil site that would hopefully yield the evidence they had craved for so long, but they couldn’t just rely on dinosaur bones alone. They needed to essentially uncover the remains of a prehistoric ecosystem, they needed other animals and also plants, to get an idea of what the dinosaurs and other animals were eating. Despite years of careful searching however, they couldn’t find the right site; they had stumbled into a palaeontological black hole, the mystery of dinosaur success remained hidden.