Oakley Wisdom Ski Goggles

Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site.When it comes to vehicle crashes, size and weight matter a great deal. That’s the conclusion of a comprehensive, three year study into how drivers fared in their vehicles over time by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.The fatality rates were far higher in small cars and mini cars than in vehicles with higher masses, such as larger SUVs, pickups, and minivans, according to the Virginia based IIHS, a safety research organization funded by the insurance industry. Large luxury SUVs had the lowest death rates.”Smaller vehicles offer less protection for the driver in crashes, and their lighter mass means that they take the brunt of collisions with larger vehicles,” Joe Nolan, senior vice president of vehicle research at the IIHS, said in a statement.The IIHS study, which reviewed makes, models, and vehicle categories for 147,324 driver fatalities, provides an additional data point for safety conscious consumers shopping for cars, to complement already available crash test data and lists of available safety equipment.

For More Information on Rastafarian Culture. Rastafarian Culture : An overview of Rastafarian culture and lifestyle. The different aspects of Rastafarian beliefs is explained and explored. In the Enquirer, Kelly seemed to concede she went overboard, but with good reason she’s got a chronic knee injury. Oh. “I never meant to become Annie Oakley,” Kelly said in the tab.

I still want to keep their access to the yard, because that’s extremely important to them. Any cat we own will see that huge yard through the windows and want to go there. In fact the yard is so important it’s been keeping my cats from crossing the street and wandering too far for at least 3 cat generations, as it’s pretty much their favorite spot.

During its six month run, approximately 10 million people attended the Century 21 Expo. Unlike many other World’s Fairs and Expos, it made a profit. The goals of the Seattle World’s Fair organizers were to put Seattle on the map and leave a legacy of a civic center for Seattle.

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