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> We all wish things we buy were cheaper, however the cost proposition on glasses is not that bad when you think of it this way. Eyeglasses are a vision prosthetic, not an optional purchase. Many people must have at least one pair in order to function normally in society.

He caught it, we were trying to bring two guys toward him, Lakers guard Nick Young said. Strong. He big and he can score around the rim. So if we have a day game and we’re going into a night game, I try to plan a full body workout so I can get in a full lift, and then have that whole rest of the day plus the rest of the day before the night game to recover. The biggest thing for me is maintaining everything I did in the offseason. I really don’t like splitting my workouts into lower body one day, upper body the next day that makes me I feel like I’m working out every day, and I feel like I’m more tired during the season than I need to be..

Nanda argues that their increasing religiosity is the result of their uncertainty about their newfound wealth. This stems from a tension between the traditional Hindu belief in renunciation of materialism and worldly desires, and the new prosperity of the middle classes. This is resolved for them by the modern holy men and tele gurus to whom they turn, who preach the message that desire is not bad, but rather a manifestation of divinity that motivates people to do things.

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Thousands of small business owners whose loans have not yet been processed must now wait for Congress to approve a Trump administration request for another $250 billion for the program. Lawmakers have been haggling over whether to extend the program as it stands now, or whether to add provisions that, among other things, would help minority businesses. It unclear when they might reach an agreement that would allow loan approvals to continue..

To read is to interpret, to give meaning and this is influenced by pre understandings. If the book presents such a radical challenge to my pre understandings that my personal stability is undermined to an unacceptable degree 13 then the book is rejected. The development of self reference is unlikely to happen and writings of personal meaning remain objective..