Oakley Women&S Snow Goggles

To achieve this illusion and drive home her show’s overarching theme of queer and trans inclusion and advocacy Velour makes use of projectors throughout her performance, creating multiple Sashas for big “group” numbers. The result is a spectacular display of chaotic, Celine Dion fueled fantasy, the kind of vivid dream perfect for the start of LGBTQ Pride Month. In the meantime, Mashable spoke with Velour about queer history, political advocacy, rose petals, the perfect lip sync, and more..

“The justification that was offered by its sponsors was that it would be better for intrastate commerce,” said Oakley of SB 202. “It does not on its face look like an anti LGBT law, even though it is, of course, in its effect, and is absolutely propelled by animus. It was just presented in a very different way, so folks didn’t necessarily recognize it for what it was right off the bat.”.

This story takes place toward the end of the war in Europe. Far off in France, the Allies are invading Normandy and establishing a beachhead that will result in the liberation of France. But the Nazis are tenaciously holding on in Norway and conducting a dragnet to seek out and destroy resistance fighters.

Pistorius’ career took a major step towards success with the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games. He won the Gold in 200m and a Bronze in the 100m (T44 one leg amputated below the knee) category. Meanwhile, trouble had started brewing up, with the IAAF ruling Pistorius’ prostheses as ineligible.

The are many spots to see in Rome to photograph. I flew into Rome last year for business and typically get in on a Sunday AM. I was to make my way up Italy on Monday and leave Rome the next day. Most everyone can take a portrait shot that is decent. But you need that extra kick to have people want you to photograph them. So I am working on incorporating all my past skills into such pics..

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American Football, an ugly game played by players/actors wearing more safety equipment than any daredevil motorcyclist, is, to English observers, a product. If the advertising disappeared, who would bother with it?To call it football is like comparing the cheese in a cheeseburger to a slice of mature farmhouse English cheddar. More cheese later..